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Automotive Detailing Services
(formerly ProClean)

Larry and Julie Burnside have retired as of April 2, 2023 and we have sold the business to Ben and Kelli Rice.  We thank the residents of Brenham, Washington and surrounding counties for their support for 22 years.  

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We are working by appointment, but will take drop-ins if space is available.
Call Ben or Kelli at 979-551-5301 to make an appointment. 

We are now hiring responsible team members. 
Flexible hours for part-time workers. Call for an interview.


Automotive Detailing Services 

We will continue to provide the same quality service for to Washington and surrounding counties.  Owners, Ben and Kelli Rice and crew help maintain and protect your vehicle's appearance and value by removing harmful tree sap, bug splats, pollen, mold and mildew that can ruin the paint's clear coat.  When professional hand wax is applied and polished, your vehicle can have that "like new" shine!  We now offer ceramic wax for superior shine and long- lasting protection.  

Don't forget the interior!  Vinyl, upholstery, and leather can crack and deteriorate when not cleaned, and conditioned.  You'll enjoy driving your vehicle even more when the interior receives a makeover.

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery

Professional Services and Prices

What We Provide

You can count on  Automotive Detailing Services

to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests.

We use professional detailing products.

Full Detail


  • trash removed from vehicle, personal belongings gathered and placed in a bag

  • using an air compressor with a special tornado action nozzle, deeply embedded sand, dirt and debris is brought to the surface of the carpet, carpeted floor mats, and upholstery seats of the vehicle and then vacuumed away

  • stains are treated for removal on all interior surfaces (some stains will not come out)

  • spot clean, shampoo, or steam clean carpet and cloth seats (as needed)

  • carpeted floor mats are shampooed (as needed) 

  • leather seat conditioner applied to clean seats to protect the leather

  • interior vinyl wiped down to remove dust and grime

  • vinyl conditioner/protectant applied to protect the vinyl from sun damage

  • windows cleaned with professional glass cleaner

  • AC vents cleaned, dash, console and doors are meticulously cleaned, including all crevises, cupholders and empty compartments.

  • Dirt and grime washed from door jams, and around doors.


  • tires/wheels scrubbed, wheel wells cleaned               

  • front end bug treatment applied and bugs splats removed (will not remove damage) 

  • hand washed and dried with a soft leather chamois and microfiber towells

  • professional quality wax hand applied to protect vehicle's paint (*wax can be upgraded to ceramic product)

  • hand polished to a lustrous shine

  • tire preservative uv inhibitor dressing applied                                      

  • exterior vinyl trim dressing applied to enhance the color and protect
  • windows cleaned with professional glass cleaner on the outside





Due to Covid, inflation, wage changes, and the challenge to find responsible workers, these prices are subject to change. Prices are based on size and condition of the vehicle. Please stop by or call for an estimate.  


      $225 and up:   Small car, 2 door truck

    $250 and up:   medium car, 4 door truck, 2 row SUV

    $275 and up:   3 row SUV, large trucks, dual gas tanks

 *Extra charge for dog hair, excrement, urine, blood, or extra dirty vehicles, etc.

Add-on services

  • headlight restoration - $125 (set)

  • engine cleaning - $35 

  Interior Only and Exterior Only detail packages are available. 

   Pricing based on size and condition of the vehicle


Other services we offer:

Prices are individually determined by condition of the vehicle.

  • compounding and buffing-out minor scratches 

  • oxidized paint restoring                                                 

  • over-spray paint removal                                               

  • hard water stain buff-out on glass

  • cement removal

  • make-ready for sell

  • water extraction / mold treatment

  • odor removal: smoke, pet, etc.

Services Offered

Scratch Repair

Minor scratches can be repaired by a multi-step process of wet sanding, compounding, buff-out, wax and polish.

Photos of Services

Hand Wash & Chamois

We wash vehicles using quality, professional products, and then dry with genuine chamois leather for a gentle, thorough drying.

Hand Vacuum

First an air compressor is used to remove dust and dirt from the cracks and crevases of the interior, and then every inch of carpet and the seats are vacuumed to remove dirt and debris. 

Interior Vinyl Care

All dust is removed from the vinyl inside your vehicle.  Then a professional quality VPC (vinyl protectant / conditioner) is applied

to the dash, console, armrests, and other areas of vinyl to keep it from becoming dry and faded.


Wheels, tires, and wheel wells are scrubbed to remove road grime, then tire shine is applied.

Hand Wax

Hand waxing is a necessary
part of protecting the integrity
of your vehicle's paint.  We suggest it be waxed every 
2 - 4 months.  We now offer ceramic wax for an additional fee.

Shampoo & Steam Cleaning

Cloth seats and carpets will look amazing once dirt and stains* are removed using professional products and equipment.

* Some stains cannot be removed. 



Once your headlights have been restored, you will be able to see the road again! We use a multi-step process to restore headlights to make them look fabulous, and your lamps will shine brightly again!

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Contact Us

Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out; we’d love to hear from you.  Call or stop by for a free estimate and to make an appointment.

318 S Austin, Brenham, TX 



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